Craft Beer News


If you’ve been to a grocery store or the Cracker Barrel gift shop over the past couple of weeks then you know Christmas displays are in full force. Never mind that it’s not even Halloween yet. When it’s this cold outside, every day feels like December, and few things can warm you up better than a 12% made with two parts alfalfa honey with 1 part wildflower honey and infused with real vanilla beans and cinnamon sticks. This gift comes from Red Stone Meadery, the largest meadery in the country. It’s like a Christmas tree in your mouth that your cat wont destroy.

Trade your Bill Cosby sweater in and keep warm with Luciernargo (The Firely) from Jolly Pumpkin. This Grand Cru sour pale is aged with grains of paradise and coriander and exudes a gentle hop aroma. 6.5% ABV.

Our winter seasonal award of “Are You Sure That’s Not a Barry Manilow Song,” goes to Lovely, Dark and Deep from Ommegang. This winter seasonal is an oatmeal stout that uses their infamous house yeast to give the beer a light fruit, spiced flavor not usually found in this style. 5.3% ABV


If you’re looking for some extremely limited beers to show off, Victory has you covered with Blackboard Black Forest Cake Stout with Cherries and Winter Cheers. While the Blackboard is pretty straightforward (and delicious without being overly sweet), Winter Cheers is their Winter Wheat with Belgian yeast and Citra hops. 


Some other great selections to accompany the weather change: Stone Mocha IPA, Turtle Anarchy A Bomb and a Bull (barrel aged Portly Stout), Nola Darkest Before Dawn Dunkel, Terrain Moo Hoo, Einstok Wee Heavy and Crooked Stave Trellis Buster.