Craft Beer News

You know what’s scary? Tornado sirens. Being forced to call Comcast Customer Service. Gingivitis. And beers that are 10% that taste like 6%. Hi Wire’s Doppelbock marks off one of those. This dark, robust lager, aged for 10 weeks, and exudes light flavors of figs, plums and chocolate. Incredibly smooth for it’s high abv. Also, if you need a pick-me-up and don’t want to wait in line at Starbucks, check out their Strongman Coffee Stout, which is brewed with Asheville Local coffee from Dynamite Roasting Co. It’s cold-extracted and added post fermentation to this sweet, creamy beer.


Did you know that NOLA stands for New Orleans Lager and Ales? Very few people do. Or maybe you knew this and you’re just an expert on Louisiana trivia. Darkest Before Dawn is the first lager they ever brewed (made seven years after NOLA had been in operation) and it’s a rich dunkel at 5.5%. This is one of the very few dunkels we carry in our portfolio that’s not import and it holds up quite well against them. 

Grab your Cheeto’s and Mt. Dew. Download the newest Warcraft expansion pack. Pick up your cloak and tunic from the dry cleaners and give your mom this month’s rent check , because winter is here (even though it’s fall). It’s never too late to nerd out and Ommegang’s Game of Throne’s series knows this. This new release, Winter is Here,  celebrates the arrival of The Night King and his freaking Ice Dragon. This 8.2% double white ale is brewed with white pepper, sea salt, coriander and orange peel. Very limited and all in open.


Stone is hitting your palate with a vengeance with Vengeful Sprit, which is the hippie brother to Tangerine Express. This is a 7% unfiltered ipa with pineapple and mandarin oranges. Your tastebuds won’t care that a fruit ipa came out in the fall because it’s delicious (side note, data shows that sours and fruit ipas are the best-selling styles of 2017). On the other end of the spectrum we have their Mexican Hot Chocolate, aka, Xocoveza. The abv has been lowered to 8.1% and is brewed with cocoa, pasilla peppers, vanilla, coffee, cinnamon and nutmeg. This was an initial one-time offer and, due to an avalanche of requests and bullying on social media, Stone officially made this a yearly offering. Next to certain Enjoy By releases, this is their most popular seasonal.

Turtle Anarchy is going old school and experimenting with their flagship Portly Stout. We have received A Bomb and A Bull (abominable), which is a 9.5% portly stout aged in whiskey barrels. We’ve also received kegs of their raspberry portly stout. Very limited, so try not to procrastinate on picking this one up.


Yazoo recently teamed up with Elizabeth Cook, an Americana artist and host of SiriusXM's popular "Apron Strings" radio show, to brew El Lagarto, which is a wit spiced with Everglade herbs, as well as lemon, orange and sea salt.  Fifty percent of sales revenue will go to the Music Health Alliance, a local nonprofit that helps members of the music industry access health care. If you don’t drink this beer, you’re pretty much admitting you hate musicians. Don’t be that person who lives in music city and hates musicians (unless they’re covering Wagon Wheel. Or Rocky Top. Or anything from Johnny Cash).

Also, look into Boulder Strawberry Shake, Benford Southern Tater, Yazoo Blood Orange Berliner, Rodenbach Alexander (just received more kegs), Harpoon Huckleberry and Crooked Stave Trellis Buster.