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Cranberries are native to only five states in the whole country. One of these is Boston, where Harpoon brewery is located. Since the season for cranberry harvesting is between October and December, it only made since for Harpoon to utilize these into a Cranberry Hefeweizen. If you’re looking for a nice change from your usual seasonals or want to prevent a UTI or aid in reducing cardiovascular disease, look no further than this beer. If you’re looking for a non-flavored, but different kind of seasonal, we also have Flannel Friday, which is their hoppy amber ale.

This year Taylor Swift dropped her first single in three years. Completely usurping that, is the fact that Nola just released their first brand new beer to the world in two years. Called Syncopation, this is a double dry hopped India pale ale that is a blend of citra, mosaic, grungiest, calypso and ekuanot hops. Side note, I can find no proof of the existence of a “grungiest” hop, but I’m told it’s real, even though I picture a hop in flannel and jorts.  

 Nola Syncopation 

Nola Syncopation 

Stone Brewing


Imagine a metal band with kiwi on the drums, yuzu on vocals, habanero on bass and hops with the lead guitar. Now picture a pyrotechnic show going off in your mouth and you have Stone’s Fruitallica. This collaboration with Beavertown (UK) and Garage Project (New Zealand) is a double ipa with, you guessed it, yuzu, kiwi and habanero. This is the third and final beer from Stone’s collaborative metal series, which included Thunderstruck and Dayslayer. 


If you take a gander at our Left Hand inventory, you’ll noticed numerous beers that look the same and, unless you’re French, will be difficult to pronounce. SAISON AU GENIEVRE is brewed with Juniper. SAISON AU MIEL is brewed with honey. And SAISON AUX BAIES AMERES is brewed with bitter choke berries. 


If you’re looking for some good sour beers, don’t forget about Jolly Pumpkin Turbo Bam (tart saison dry hopped with Cascade and Crystal with a dash of lemon peel) and Bam Weizen (farmhouse ale that uses hefeweizen yeast for a sour that exudes clove and banana). All of these are incredibly tasty and approachable without being dumbed down.

Don’t forget about Hap N Harry’s Bourbon Ale, New Holland Mad Hatter IPA, Ommegang Pale Sour, our slew of amazing Oktoberfests and Turtle Anarchy Catfish Kolsch.