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Caleb Weiland's Beer Notes


It’s unfair that pumpkins pretty much hold the monopoly on fall flavors. There’s a lot of other amazing flavors that represent this time of year, like brown gravy, white gravy, red gravy, plums, the fried Funions on top of green bean casserole and yams. Benford Brewery decided to make a beer that exudes one of these flavors. Luckily, it’s not gravy. They’ve brewed a beer, orange in color, that uses hand cut sweet potatoes, marshmallows and cinnamon in the mash. It’s called Southern Tater and is one of the most unique fall offerings we have.

Speaking of non-gravy flavored beers, there is a new beer that is at its peak deliciousness during the whole month of October. It is a double ipa that is hopbursted with ten different hops and dry-hopped with primarily Southern Hemisphere hops, including Galaxy, Nelson Sauvin, Motueka and Helga. If it sounds something like Stone would make then you’re right. 

When I say the numbers 30 and 90, you probably automatically think of latitude and longitude which would direct you to Louisiana. Because you’re a secret geography nerd and closet globe collector. These numbers don’t direct you straight to Abita, but it’s pretty close. Their new beer, 30-90, is a lager dryhopped with cascade. If you want a lager that replaces the bready flavor with a subtle dry and sweet hop flavor, give this beer a try.

If you’re looking for some sours this week, check out Blue Pants Dry Hopped Sour with Eureka hops. Also, don’t forget about Ommegang Pale Sour (aged in stainless steel barrels and exudes more tart white wine notes rather than dry red wine oak that most sours have).

Now for the “Is this a metal band or a beer” game of the week: Skull Hammer. While it could easily be your dad’s Slayer Cover band from the 80s, it’s actually an East Coast Double ipa brewed with Citra, Mosaic and Simcoe from Finch’s. 


Our most popular pumpkin beer of the year has been released on draft. He has the face of a gourd and the head of a pumpkin and he goesby Pumpkin Head via Shipyard. This wheat ale is not subtle on it’s spice; this is a full blown pumpkin pie in a glass and exudes the best things about Thanksgiving dessert minus the sugar sweats.

For those privy to cans, we have Noon Day IPA and Dirty Girl Blonde from Nantahala available in 16 oz cans, as well as 12 oz cans of Goodwood. There aren’t a lot of canned barrel aged beers at a 6% abv, so it’s very likely there’s a place for these on your shelf.