Winter Cheer


Having old friends and family pop up during the holidays can usually be either a nice surprise or a horror that’s detrimental to your sanity and enjoyment. Luckily, it’s the former when our friend Roy Bus comes in town thanks to Garr’s new winter seasonal. Using rooibos tea leaves (also used in Red Jam), red vanilla beans and lactose, this Red Bean Vanilla Porter emits a dark, ruby red hue that shines with flavors of chocolate, vanilla, berries and tobacco leaves. I’ve never eaten a handful of tobacco leaves, but, from what I’m told, it taste worlds better than that Sandlot chaw and Black N Mild’s you’re used to. Only 6.2% and in kegs and cans.


Great News! We got a new beer from Michigan that isn’t an ipa or something aged in bourbon barrels! In fact, it’s a stout. That is soured. And contains cherries. And is a sour cherry stout and doesn’t taste like childhood cough medicine. It’s brought to you by New Holland. This Sour Cherry Stout is only in 1/6 and is 6.7% and one of the few domestic winter sours we will be getting this year.


Comparing lagers to a doppelbock is like comparing The Hardy Boys to The Hulk. Urkle to Thor. Ramen noodles to your grandma’s lasagna. Hi Wire’s Twice As Nice Doppelbock lies somewhere in the middle of those descriptions. It’s a robust dark lager that is lagered for more than eight weeks making this 10% beer taste incredibly smooth, with flavors of fig, chocolate and plum. Seriously, for it being such high ABV, it lacks the boozy, abrasive taste usually found in something with this alcohol content. If you want a beverage on the complete opposite side of the spectrum, we did receive their Dry Hopped Citra Gose, which contains the tropical flavors of Citra hops with the refreshing tartness of lacto yeast.

·        If you’re a Folger snorting coffee nerd, you may or may not have had Ethiopian coffee beans. It’s quite unique in that it has subtle citrus flavors of lemon rind along with notes of acai and blueberries. You know what that would pair well with? Hops. Oskar Blues took this unique coffee bean and paired it with Simcoe hops to make their Hotbox IPA. While many coffee ipa’s have an arm wrestling match between hop and java for flavor supremacy, this one intertwines the flavors beautifully into a symbiotic delight. Only 10 1/6 in stock.

Two other IPA’s of note that are the complete opposite of a coffee ipa are Stones’s Sanctimonious and Sierra Nevada Hoptimum. Sanctimonious is hopped with only Amarillo and Simcoe and finishes at 7%. Hoptimum is a triple ipa that utilizes that flavors of Strata, Simcoe, Citra, Mosaic, Lora and Ekuanot, making this 9.7% ipa a hop lover’s dream.

Also check out Terrapin Salted Caramel Moo Hoo, Brooklyn Winter Lager, Petrus Sour Blackberry, Rogue Yellow Snow Pils and Sam Smith Winter Welcome.