Beer Notes November 19th


This week is the Super Bowl for your stomach; The Emancipation of your esophagus; The Battle of the Guilt Buffet. Yes, it’s Thanksgiving time (also, the one special time a year where you can find that rare, edible dodo bird known as green bean casserole). Our friendly neighbors from America’s Receding Hairline, aka Canada, have given us something special for the holidays in the form of IPA # 7 from Collective Arts. While # 6 was an ipa with peaches and Wai-iti hops, # 7 uses Citra and Nelson hops, but ups the experimental ante with crushed white grapes and gooseberries. Collective Arts makes some of the sneaky best ipa’s in our market and it also goes great with yams and turkey as well as poutine and Alanis Morissette.

·        A couple of months ago we received beer from a small New York brewery called Grimm’s Mango Pop, which was a delicious Berliner Weiss with lactose, vanilla and mango. It sold out rather fast and we’ve been waiting in its sequel ever since. Well, I have good news and bad news: Good News, we’ve received kegs of Grimm’s Galaxy Pop, which is a tart, unboiled Berliner Weiss with lactose and vanilla, but this time they’ve added Galaxy hops, which gives the beer a lime/passion fruit/ meringue pie flavor. Bad News, we only received four kegs this time which means there will probably be a Hunger Games-like battle for them. If you come out victorious, you’re in for a treat.


·        Also, from the same supplier of Grimm (Shelton Brothers), we received a new batch of Green Bench out of Florida. This includes their Happy Hermit Pale, Sunshine City IPA, Honey Saison, Rye Saison and their Turbid Series. All very high quality beers.


·        Good news for the lovers and all things local as well as winter seasonals without the name “imperial.” Turtle Anarchy has brought back their seasonal English Brown Ale called How Now Brown Cow, now in ½ and 1/6. Few things celebrate the marriage of turtles and cows, which makes this beer incredibly special.


·        Have you ever been cooking spaghetti and popped open a jar of fresh basil and oregano, you close your eyes, take a whiff and you’re immediately brought back to that special date you once had at Olive Garden? If you take that same opened jar and smell it a week later, you’ll notice those herbs are dried out and the aroma is of faint Fazoli bus boy pants. That’s kind of the difference between wet hops and dry hops. Non-wet hop beers are still really good, but most are less potent than wet hopping. The relevance of this is that Sierra Nevada just released the original wet hopped beer, known as Northern Harvest. Picked form the vine and thrown in the kettle all within 12 hours, the hops retain their precious oils and resins for a unique drinking experience as evidenced by the intense herbal green flavors and citrus-like and floral aromas. 6.7%

·        Be sure and also check out Yazoo’s Cinnamon Milk Stout, Mayday One L Brown Ale, Left Hand Pixen Pepper Porter, Nola Darkest Before Dawn Dunkel and Ommegang Rosetta Sour Bruin and Petrus Aged Sour Pale Ale.