Monday Beer Notes November 5th

Rompers. Pokemon Go. The Shake Weight. All popular trends that had the staying power of the texture of cotton candy. In the beer world, two years ago was the attack of the gose. This year it’s impossible to find a beverage without haze. So what’s the next big thing on the horizon? It’s debatable, but don’t be surprised if you start seeing an influx of Brut beers in the near future. If you’re curious to get a preview of this potential trend, look into Brute Pale Ale from Blue Pants. This beer utilizes the enzymes typical in champagne to create an effervescent mouth feel.  While the flavors of champagne are driven by the grapes, this beer utilizes a bouquet of hops of Huell Melon (Melon), Mandarina Bavira (Mandarin Oranges), and Hallertauer Blanc (White Grape), with  Cryo Citra accentuating the citrus orange flavor. This beer will make you feel like you’re in an early 2000’s hip hop video. Only 5.2% and in kegs right now and package later this week.


For the next two months, the majority of new beers that arrive will be designed to make you feel like you just put on a bear skinned coat and sat in front of a bonfire. This liquid comfort food wants to keep you insulated and, during the frigid months on the horizon, it’s essential to survival. Brooklyn’s Black Chocolate Russian Imperial Stout (10%) is a great example of this and is currently available.  But if you need something that’s more of a lightweight leather jacket than a bear skinned coat, Brooklyn Winter Lager has you covered. This schwarzbier has notes of chocolate, roasted barley, and dark bread into a 5.6% ABV frame that finishes surprisingly light and pleasantly dry.

Once upon a time (summer of 2018) in a far-away land (Asheville), Sierra Nevada held their annual Beer Camp where a lucky bunch (including myself) got to brainstorm and conceive a beer to be released at years end. Like a One Direction writing session, lots of terrible ideas were thrown around. What we finally settled on was an ipa brewed with loads of Mandarina hops with oak chips and called it “It’s Raining Mandarin” (may or may not have been my idea). We only received five kegs and are in open inventory listed as “Beer Camp.” Only order if you’re wanting to be part of history and promise to put “It’s Raining Mandarin” on your beer menu. And once you’re done with that, mosey on over to Celebration Ale, which is THE quintessential flagship winter ipa celebrating the intense flavors of Cascade, Centennial and Chinook and things not hazy.

One of the Grand Daddy’s of dark beers have brought us a slew of gifts the season. Left Hand Pixen Porter contains dried cherries and chili peppers and is 7.2%. Or if you want the fall spirit in a glass without the heat, we also have Chai Milk Stout on nitro. Or if you want to bypass those baby beers and break into your dad’s liquor cabinet, we have their 25th Anniversary Imperial Stout at 12.1%. Few breweries represent the stout beer better than Left Hand, so all of these are easy to recommend and, luckily, quite different.

Are you someone who loves nature and mountains so much that people close to you question whether you have ancestry to a goat? Sure it feels great to make it to the summit so you can take a selfie of your wind burn. But it also feels great to avoid wind burn, snake bites and poison ivy and drink a Mountain Meditator from Gypsy Circus. This dry cider made from TN apples is fermented with lemon and basil and is incredibly unique in the cider stratosphere.

Also check out Stone Sanctimonious IPA, Yazoo 15th Anniversary, Victory Winter Cheers and Black Forrest Chocolate Stout, Ommegang Games of Thrones Mother of Dragon’s and Nola Bad Decision Lemur I