Monday Beer Notes - July 9th, 2018


I think even the most hardcore PETA enthusiast would have to agree that there are species in the animal kingdom whose existence can be justifiably questioned: Fruit flies (just cause your diet is heathier, doesn’t make you any better than a regular garbage fly), ticks (these are nothing but miniature wannabe spiders who spend their lazy existence sitting on a tree branch, waiting to fall on your dog’s tail so it can make it can make its epic journey to sticking its beady head into your armpit) and mosquitoes (the most inconvenient of bird foods, these are like microscopic vampires with face straws that, instead of giving you eternal life and a teen movie franchise, just make you itch and spread modern day plagues). Now, if you want to find the best way to combat these mistakes of nature, bypass your deet spray and stinky candles and pick up some Avery Bug Zapper. This summer seasonal is a 6% sour ale that is fermented with ginger, lime and mint, which it not just a unique sour, but a unique beer in general. 

It’s time to dust off your Cosplay costume, microwave the pizza bagels and take a break from Fort Night cause your Game of Thrones fix is here thanks to Ommegang. For those who don’t know, Ommegang  releases numerous beers a year in collaboration with the Game of Thrones show, paying homage to characters, themes and styles set within the popular and totally NON-FICTIONAL UNIVERSE. 7 Kingdoms is a marriage of a traditional Belgian wheat style with an American ale, featuring Bravo, Centennial, Citra, Cascade, and Columbus hops and finishing with a tart lemon and orange flavor accompanied by a subtle wheat malt. 

Summer Fest. Summer Blonde. Summer Ale. Summer Love. Summer Solstice. Take the word “Summer” and follow it with a random noun and it’s probably the name of a beer. While they can all sound alike, there are some notable differences in the styles of these summer beers. For instance:

-Sierra Summerfest- A 5% Czech lager that is crisp, golden and dry. Throughout the history of this brewery, they’ve studied and collaborated with some of the finest German breweries in the world and it shows in the quality of their lagers and pilsners. 

-Victory Summer Love- This ale is generously hopped with Citra, Simcoe and Cascade and provides more lemon/pine aroma than bitterness.

-Brooklyn Summer-Pale ale (remember these?) that uses a balance of British and American hops, to give the beer a dry, malt finish, but still incredibly sessionable.

It’s time to say goodbye to a local favorite *que sappy Boyz II Men song*: Mayday is releasing the last of their Old Salem sour series with #8, which is a blackberry red sour. Perhaps this series will have a Robert Downey Jr.-style comeback years from now, but right now is the last chance to celebrate the life and times of Old Salem. After you finish your last pint of this and you need to continue to numb the pain of this loss, look into their Honky Hefe (hefeweizen) and All the F’in Berries (blonde all with raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and strawberries).

If had to make an educated guess, I’d say that, as an account, you get this questions a lot: “What beers do you have on draft that reference Cuban cultural and its functional fashion statements?” Much to my surprise, it isn’t a lot. But, luckily, Cigar City listened to our cries and came to the rescue with Guayabera Citra Pale Ale. A guayabera is a popular Latin American shirt with four pockets on the front that is pretty much like having a fanny pack over your whole torso (this is a compliment). This pale is single hopped with Citra and imparts the hops flavors of lime, tangerine and berries to make a delicious warm weather delight. Now in kegs and package.

Also, check out Against the Grain Citra Ass Down, Clown Shoes Mango Kolsch, Fall City Classic Pilsner, La Botteresse Blanche (super obscure Belgian white with a huge citrus and grapefruit aroma, rarely found in this style. It call comes from a unique Belgian yeast strain from the most southern region of the country, rarely used in other beers) and Gypsy Circus Lotus Dreamer Orange Blossom Cider.