Beer Notes 06.18.18

calebhelmet.jpg’s me. We need to talk….predominantly about sours and some sweet news that it entails. When you think of sours, you probably think of your ex, as well as beer that can be much more expensive than other styles. It makes sense, as this style is more time consuming and delicate to brew. One of the most unique and best sour breweries in the country recently took a giant price reduction on their whole line-up. This isn’t a $2 coupon clipping type savings: this is a cross breed of Black Friday, Cyber Monday and buying a speedo in December-kind of savings. Jolly Pumpkin reduced their core products by $35 and their specialty beers by $55, making it comparable to other sour breweries. If you’ve never gotten a chance to try their beer, below are some great ones to start with.

La Parcela Studio Shot copy.jpg

-Calabaza Blanca- Artisanal white ale brewed in the tradition Belgium’s Biere Blanche and aged with orange peel in oak for three months.

-Bam Biere- This is more of a friendly BAM than a comic book punch BAM. A tart farmhouse ale that is bottle conditioned and dry hopped.

-Luciernargo- Translating to “The Firefly,” this is a Belgian pale style brewed in the Grand Cru tradition (Grand Cru literally translates to “Great Growth,” and references vineyards that produced superior tasting liquids. In this case, it’s used to reference a vintage beer), aging for eight months with Michigan grown Cascade hops.

Those granola hippies from Portland have gotten experimental this week at the Rogue brewery and bestowed two new beers upon us. Combat Wombat, a Karate Kid kick of flavor, is a Northeastern-style ipa brewed with Australian hops, soured then aged with blood oranges and grapefruit. Next up is a sour brewed with marionberries, which is fruit indigenous to Oregon and harvested for two months out of the year. Tasting similar to blueberries, but with more of a tart finish, this Marionberry Sour pours a beautiful purple, rose hue and is 6.2%. 


Grease lightning recently struck Victory Brewery and they brewed a new batch of Summer Love. If The Sandlot cast came back for a sequel as adults, this is the beer they’d drink. The golden ale packs an aromatic, slightly bitter punch thanks to a dose of Simcoe, Citra and Cascade and is the perfect beer to sip on after spending your afternoon doing belly flops off the diving board to impress your own Wendy Peffercorn. As a bonus, we also have their newly released Limey Gose, which is the base of their Kirsch Gose, except this taste like key lime pie instead of cherry pie. 

Many people have heard of mead, but do you know what it actually is outside of what Vikings drink out of a hollowed horn of a yak? Beer gets alcohol from fermenting sugars found in grains and wine gets it from grapes. Mead gets alcohol from fermenting sugars found in honey and is known as a “honey wine.” This a big reason behind Winnie the Pooh’s calm demeanor and slightly slurred speech patterns. Redstone Meadery, out of Colorado, recently released their new mead aged with watermelon rinds, simply called Redstone Watermelon. We have a very limited number in stock and is a great, unique alternative to 99% of alcoholic beverages you see out in the market.

Also, check out Left Hand Juicy Goodness (aggressively hopped golden ale), Mayday Old Salem # 8 (red ale soured with blackberries), Stone Enjoy By 7.4, All beers from Monday Night Brewing and Sierra Nevada Southern Gothic Unfiltered Pilsner.