Beer Notes 5.21.18

 It goes without saying that most of you probably have exotic destinations you’d like to visit on your bucket list. The Great Barrier Reef. The inside of a Pompeii volcano. Hogwartz. Utah. But all of these pale in comparison to Lancaster, South Carolina. When your dreams do come true and you get to visit this town of 9,000, be sure and visit Benford Brewery and try their Chef’s Farmhouse Ale. One of the smallest and most obscure breweries in our portfolio, this saison is brewed with peaches and apricots and finished with a Belges Pilsen Malt and Belgian Yeast.  


Stone is fed up with disappointing, wimpy ipa’s taking up real estate and holding office in your palate. The solution they came up with is to impeach those flavors and vote themselves into your mouth office. The candidate to do this is their new I’m Peach IPA. This double ipa uses Loral and Mosaic hops with a hefty amount of peaches and finishes at an abnormally easy 8.8%.

If you’re like me, this is the time of the year where the sun moves closer to earth and rests only two miles above the city of Nashville, creating ink blot sweat stains on your clothes the moment you walk out your front door. Below are lists of beers that can assist in making you less miserable during this humid solstice.


Brooklyn Summer- One of the most popular seasonals known to man, this pale ale is borderline universal in the amount of drinkers that can enjoy it. From a blonde that mimics La Croix to fans of session ipas, this beer has you covered. 


Harpoon Pineapple and Camp Wannamango- Your most tolerable Bostonian brewery specializes in some wicked tasty beers that would make Tom Brady cheat, I mean blush. Pineapple is the newest addition in the UFO (Unfiltered Wheat Offering) series and tastes like more of a hefe with pineapple zest rather than artificial fruit syrup bomb. Camp Wannamango is their mango pale brewed at a camp that sounds way cooler than the place you made s’mores and developed relationship issues due to a botched trust fall activity.


Victory Kirsh Gose- This sublime, effervescent tart session ale is brewed with sour cherries and, I promise, does not have that Robitussin taste that so many people fear in their cherry beers.  

Sierra Summerfest- This lager has a fair amount of aromatic hops with a slight tangy bitterness and is a great example of an American brewery doing a German style justice. 

Seattle Basil Mint Dry Cider- This 6.9% cider is fermented with basil and mint leaves and finishes with a dry, tart finish.

Mayday Honky Hefe and All the F’IN Berries- Mayday recently released a Hefe with Saaz hops and American hefe yeast. They also have a blonde ale with raspberries, strawberries, blueberries and blackberries.