Caleb's Beer Notes 05.14.18

SAAZ Smash Pils -1.JPG

“HULK SAAZ SMASH.” This is what your palate will think the moment you have a sip of Saaz Smash Pils, the collaboration between Hi-Wire and Black Abbey. One taste of this single hopped (using Saaz) pilsner will transform you into a monster of thirst, consuming numerous pints at a time and having the inherent urge to destroy all underwhelming domestic beer in  your path. 


Your favorite non-Dutch speaking Holland in Michigan has brought us some goodies. New Holland released Taz IPA, which is a 7% ipa using Tasmanian hops out of Australia exuding flavors of mango and citrus. This is a great way to experience the Outback without the fear of the 700 things that can easily kill you in that country on a daily basis. Next up, we have one of the best bourbon stouts in the kingdom with Dragon’s Milk Cherry Chocolate. This 11.% milk stout is infused with cherries and dark chocolate and should be avoided by newborns.

Smorgasbords of breweries release new ipas on an hourly basis, but there are some you should really take note of when they brew something new. Mighty Things from Victory is one example. This double ipa is brewed and dry hopped with whole cone Citra, Azacca and Mosaic and, according to Siri and Alexa, it pairs great with something called Humboldt Fog cheese.  I’m sure this is a huge selling point for you, especially the downtown honky tonk accounts. 


"I have no idea how many elves and oompah loompa’s are working overtime at Yazoo’s Embrace the Funk Facility, but they’ve just hit us with an impressive batch of beers"


-Across the Plateau- This collaboration with Blackberry Farms is a strong ale with coffee beans roasted at Benton’s in Madison.

-Re’sour’ces- Crowdfunded collaboration between Yazoo and the Rare Barrel (CA), this sour saison is aged in red wine barrels for over a year.

-Preservation Ale- Bier De Garde style that uses local hops from Sulphur Creek Farms and aged with numerous brett strains.

-Lichtenhainer- Tart pale ale brewed with beech wood smoked malts and soured in stainless steel using a lacto strain from fermentation expert, Sandor Katz.

Want some funky ciders that venture outside of the dry, semi-sweet, sweet and Pixie Stick Skittle dust? Check out Seattle Cider’s Cucumber Hibiscus, Tangerine and Turmeric, Gin Botanical and Basil Mint.

Want an ipa that’s brewed with freaking Lupin dust (unfortunately, this is the lupin plant, not Remus Lupin The Werewolf from Harry Potter), hops oils and flaked oats and is the hoppiest beer brewed by Southern Prohibition? For fans of peach, mango, pineapple and great ipa’s, check out Paradise Lost.

And lastly, check out our selections from Mikkeller San Diego, Collective Brewery, Trinity Brewery (POST CBC Beers), Mayday Going Commango Mango Wheat Ale and Weinstephan/Sierra Nevada Collab called Braupakt Hefe.