Your Beer Notes Are In 04.23.18


There was an ipa that met its fate years ago because it didn’t have the name “hazy” or “juicy” or “crushable” in its name. We thought it died, but it was actually in solitary isolation, putting itself through numerous Frankenstein experiments and plotting its revenge on your palate. It’s finally emerged from hiding and the people of villages call it….Jockamo’s Revenge! This 6.5% sour ipa is hopped with Amarillo and Centennial. The limited pint of revenge is best served cold and is in kegs and package.  

Many of you have heard of Rogue Farms beer line, but do you granola lovers know the true meaning behind it?  Every ingredient used in a Rogue Farms beer, from the hops, malt, yeast and any additional ingredient (honey, pumpkin, peach, etc), is proprietary and grown from Rogue’s soil. Most breweries are Publix. Rogue Farms is the little obscure Amish stand selling bread and tables on weekends in whatever town you can think of that has a double digit population. I bring this up because they grow a variety of hops and their new 10 Hop beer uses, you guessed it, all 10 hops. With it being 10.1%, this double ipa truly has a hop flavor you won’t find in any other beer. Definitely worth checking out.

Your “Super Obscure Beer of the Week” award goes to the problem child of Louisville, aka Against the Grain. Maple Bockin Pastries is a doppelbock style lager that is aged in double oak bourbon barrels with over 200 pounds of Virginia maple syrup and finishes at 10. 1%. We only received four kegs of this, but for fans of the unique and obscure, this is a perfect beer for you. We also received more kegs of Bloody Show, which is their blood orange lager brewed in collaboration with Mikkeller.


If you’ve taken a break from playing Minecraft and Dungeons and Dragons, you’re probably aware of The Avengers, made up of 576 super heroes, with a mission to protect mankind through franchise milking. There is another group of avengers who have sworn to protect you from underwhelming beer collaborations, made up of Sierra Nevada (Craft Beer Pioneers) and Weihenstephan (World’s Oldest Brewery). Think of them as Magneto and Professor X. Pippin and Jordan. Hall and Oats. Peanut Butter and Anything. Spending all of 2017 on recipe development, they created a fruity-hoppy Weiss bier called “Braupakt”, brewed with the Hallertauer Tradition hop and refined with American West Coast Amarillo and Chinook hops.

Braupakt (translates to “ Brewery Pact”) merges “old world” purity standards and brewing methodologies with “new world” innovation and hop flavors. The obviously copy and pasted plagiarized description follows: The amber, naturally cloudy Hefeweissbier adorns a creamy head and smells of peach, apricot and citrus fruits with a fine banana yeast note as well as a refreshing grapefruit note from the Chinook hops. Finally available in kegs and package.


It’s time to get down with Yazoo’s Embrace the Funk this week with two new releases. Preservation Ale, inspired by Biere De Garde styles in Northern France, is a fresh hop ale brewed with local hops from Sulphur Creek Farms and aged with brett and lacto. Saison Du Bois is a farmhouse style brewed with oats and rye and aged in French Oak Puncheons for six months. Both of these are great sours for seasoned veterans and new comers to the style.

Also, check out Nola Revivalist Pale, Ommegang Fruition Dry Hopped Wit, Mother Earth Fantasy Island (coconut brown) and Blonde and Victory 4 Front IPA.