Caleb Weiland's Beer Notes 03/21/18


Oh, so you know a guy who started a brewery a couple of years ago because he developed a hobby of home brewing in college? That’s cool. Ayinger started brewing in 1887 way before we knew what craft beer was, air craft carriers, Kraft Mac N Cheese or anything with the word “craft.” In 1887 there were over 6,000. Today there are only 600 and there’s a reason why Ayinger has stood the test of time. Exporting only 10% of their total beer output to the US, our newest arrival, called Kirtbier, is one of the rarest beers we receive from Germany. The style is a cross between an unfiltered Marzen lager and a dark export beer. It is light brown in color, highly fermented and has a distinct bitter quality not usually found in lagers. Only available in kegs and is a fantastic beer for this time of year.


Nola Brewery successfully completed some Frankenstein experiments to their pale ale and is ready to unleash this new monster to your palate. Revivalist Pale Ale contains a wallop of Bravo, Centennial, Simco and Citra hops, yet is an easy 5% abv. A portion of these profits goes to The Roots of Music, empowering youth with musical education, academic support and unique musical and cultural heritage. Want to make sure things like Nickelback, Pitbull and Rascal Flatts never happen again? Help our youth learn from the past and drink this beer.


When was the last time you had something that combined the flavors of tangerine and turmeric? Unless you’re a witch making a healthy porridge, the answer is probably never. Seattle Cider specializes in styles not a lot of cideries are partaking in, which is why they’ve made a dry cider with tangerine peel and turmeric root. Resembling subtle flavors of ginger, turmeric increases the antioxidant capacities in your body as well as giving you a surge of healthy bioactive compounds. So, if you’re tired of kale smoothies and almond butter sandwiches, check out this cider. 6.9% and only contains four grams of sugar and ten carbs.

If you’re chilly and have no working heat or a fire place, you can start a thermostat inside your liver with some high gravity beer from Stone and Gulden DraakStone’s Mikhail’s Odd IRS is a barrel aged Russian imperial Stout with expresso beans finishing at a 13%. If you need something lighter, we have their Ruinten Triple IPA with Orange Peel and Vanilla Bean, which is a 10.8% orange creamsicle. Finally, Gulden Draak sent us about three kegs of their specialty Calvados, which is a quad aged for six months inside apple cider brandy barrels and is 10.5%. If you want something that you probably have nothing like on draft and that your beer nerds would appreciate, these are a great couple to choose from.

Also, check out Collective Arts Ransack the Universe IPA (finally back in stock), Sierra Nevada Hazy Little Thing, Yazoo Spring, Hap N Harry’s Green Beer, Rogue Paradise Pucker and Honky Tonk Blueberry Lemonade Sour.