Caleb Weiland's Beer Notes 02/26/18


Have you ever wanted to experience a Mother’s Day celebration, but without the two-hour wait for a Bob Evan’s brunch and all of the questions about when you’ll start procreating grandchildren? Well, you’re in luck because there’s a new mama in town and it’s Mother Earth Brewing Co. out of Vista, California. Their portfolio, like your mother’s Book of the Month collection, has a nice variety. Here’s the following:

1.       Cali Creamin- Golden Pale with Madagascar vanilla beans, finished with warrior hops. Made for those who love ice cream, but have a crippling fear of Listeria.

2.       Boo Koo- Are you really surprised? It’s blasphemy to be a West Coast brewery without making an ipa. Using flaked wheat malts with a nice helping of Mosaic, Mt. Hood and Simcoe, this sweet and piney ipa is 6.5%, but drinks like a session. 

3.       Kismet- Showcasing Northern and Southern Hemisphere hops, this 7.5% specialty ipa is part of the Resinator series. Exudes flavors of tropical fruit, tea leaves and pine. 

4.       SinTax- 8.1% Imperial-ish Porter with cane sugar and peanut butter. Now the only year round peanut butter porter in our portfolio and I challenge anybody to try this next to whatever other PB Porter they are currently obsessed with. I’m confident this one will be favored.

5.       Born Blonde- Don’t interpret this as hair color discrimination, as it welcomes drinkers of all hair follicles. You’re not always in the mood for hops or fruit or peanut butter or malt and that’s ok. This beer is for you. A super clean, mildly bready blonde ale at 4.7%.


Your favorite black sheep brewery from the Bible Belt is back with a vengeance. Against the Grain has graced us with a collaboration with the world renowned Mikkeller Brewery called Bloody Show. This pilsner uses a healthy dose of Citra, Columbus and Saaz hops then finished with the zest and juice of fresh blood oranges. It’s still a pilsner at heart and, if you have any worries about your favorite beer style tasting like a radler, it’s far from it. ALSO, VERY IMPORANT, THIS BEER COMES IN A NORMAL STEEL 1/6. In the future, they’ll be transitioning to this format from their 30L disposables. Big deal. Oh, we also received kegs of Citra Ass Down double ipa. 


For those wanting to expand their European palate, we have some new Belgian beers. La Corne du Bois (The Horn of the Forrest) is a tripel without any spice or sugar added and has a much hoppier finish than most Belgian beers. Also, their glassware, if you choose to order the beer, is a giant glass horn with its own holder. This will, by far, help you look like the most majestic and regal drinker in the bar.  La Botterresse, a small village close to Saint-Georges, imported us their Blanch (6.2% wit with flavors of passion fruit and lemongrass) and the Ambree (voted best beer in Wallonia 2016 and covers 55% of the country of Belgium), which is similar to a dark saison, but with flavors of cinnamon, cardamom and anise.  

The mad scientists over at The Embrace the Funk facility released their newborn out into the market this week. Passionne De Peche was aged for one year in custom built Missouri white oak foeders then conditioned with passion fruit and peaches. 5.1%.  Very limited release, so, if you’ve ever been a fan of past releases from them, you’ll enjoy this one.

Also, check out Kentucky Bourbon Blackberry Porter, Gypsy Circus Tea Leaf Cider, Harpoon Apricadabra (apricot wheat ale) and Stone Inevitable double ipa.