Beer Notes 02.18.19


There may be no “I” in team, but there are about three “I’s” in “unique and delicious new beer from Harpoon.” If you don’t feel like that is a sufficient amount of I’s either then there’s even more “I’s” in “this beer includes a healthy dose of hops, sea salt, buckwheat, and chia to make a quenching cool  down beverage that you can throw on your face after an intense workout on your Bowflex (I count 4 uses of “I”). The beer is called Recreation Rec League from Harpoon and is a 3.8% hazy pale with only 120 calories and packs the flavor of a Get Well Fruit Basket.

  • Unless you’re a Mexican street vendor or a Nolensville tiki bar owner,  you may be unfamiliar with the beverage known as tepache. It’s fermented pineapple rinds with a little bit of brown sugar and dusted with cinnamon. So, it’s only natural that the second most Mexican place in the world (Canada) would wanna incorporate these ingredients into a sour. Collective Arts has brought us Pineapple Tepache Berliner, which is tart Weiss with pineapples, cinnamon and demerara sugar to make one of the most unique brews you’ll probably have this year.

  • We have a brewery founded in 1867. By a woman. That survived through two wars. Survived three fires. Competed as an independent against many breweries 100 times its size. You’d think the brewery was built on some sacred, cursed burial ground, but, fortunately, their luck has improved over the last half century. What’s even more hardcore is they named their beer after the skull of the largest and heaviest species in the Deer Family: The Moose. Moosehead Lager is regarded as Canada’s most popular premium lager, brewed with 100% Canadian Two-Row Pale Malt and cold fermented. It’s also only $129 a ½. We also have their Radler, which is a blend of their lager with lemon and grapefruit juices at 4%.

  • I challenge all IPA drinkers out there to go through this year without using the words “juicy,” “crushable,” “porch pounder,” or “misuse of your and you’re.” For practice, let’s start with Hex Clouds from Southern Prohibition. This wheat based ipa is double dry hopped with Denali, Vic Secret and Simcoe, and is incredibly succulent (juicy)  and nebulous (hazy). It’s part of their small batch ipa series that has been consistently unique and awesome since its conception. 

  • Also, check out Weihenstephan Braupakt (west coast hopped hefe), Hi Wire Strongman Coffee Stout and German Chocolate Cake Stout, Crooked Stave Petite Peach Sour, Terrapin Beyond the Galaxy ipa and Bavik Super Pils.

- Caleb Weiland

Beer Portfolio Manager