Caleb Weiland's Beer Notes 02/13/18


We live in a time where there is just not enough hours in the day and most people are always on the go. Unfortunately, that means one of the biggest casualties is a consistent hearty breakfast. For those living a fast paced lifestyle, one of the best options for a convenient breakfast substitute is a beer, especially when it contains a nice helping of oatmeal, cinnamon and cocoa nibs. Take a break from those Poptarts and Activia Yogurt that you pretend to like because Boulder Quake and Shake has hit the market. A twist on their famous Shake Porter, this small batch porter contains oats and cinnamon, giving the beer a subtle chai taste without the Starbucks cup. We also received kegs in nitro and non-nitro of their Irish Blessing Stout


Petrus Aged Pale

Petrus Aged Pale

By now you’ve surely had your share of goses and kettle sours, but when was the last time you had a sour aged for over two years in oak foeders in a brewery with over a 125 year history? Petrus Aged Pale fits that bill. Outside of its aging process, why is this unique? NERD ALERT- While foeders are giant oak barrels, this sour has no oak taste. The oak is used because it’s a giant breeding/party ground for the bacteria that converts the sugars of the beer into alcohol and fruity esters. Think of the bacteria like microscopic Pac Man’s and the sugar is the tiny fruit.  The wood also acts as a permeable wall for air to creep in which allows controlled oxidation (as opposed to using completely open containers, which some breweries due, but it’s more difficult to control). This beer starts as a pale ale, but comes out tasting like a dry, soured white wine at 7.3%. 

With runny noses, gurgling stomachs, lice and pink eye running amok this time of the year, it’s about time Dr. Krunkles gave you a house call. Instead of a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and Vitamic C, he’s bringing you a can of medicine containing passion fruit, agave, oranges and about 11 hops varieties. Terrapin Luau Krunkles won’t cure your flu, but it’ll help you forget about it for a brief amount of time. Now in kegs and cans.

The second most important holiday of the year is on the horizon (usurped only by World Nutella Day), that special romantic holiday where you and a your significant other get a reservation at The Olive Garden and text and Facebook in silence over a bottle of White Zin. If you want to skip out on the wine, some great love beers include: Ommegang Lovely Dark and Deep, Ommegang Rosetta Kriek, Boon and Lindeman’s Framboise, Rouge Double Chocolate Stout, Seattle Berry Cider, Crooked Stave Reserve Sour Cherry and He’Brew Hop Orgy (for the kosher lover in us all).