Monday Beer Notes



New Orleans is quite a popular destination and it’s a great place to visit if you want to smell like gumbo steam. And buy a voodoo doll of your ex. And hear people talk funny. And if you ever want to try Rye Pale, a crowd favorite from Abita, you usually have to hop on your airboat and travel to the brewery. Luckily, we now have kegs and bottles. This 9.5% limited pale ale is hopped with centennial and, after fermentation, is cold aged then barrel aged. This beer is not very boozy or sweet and is one of the better barrel aged beers in our market.


In the old world/current Amish colonies/ComicCon Conventions, a duchess is a royal female of highest rank beneath the monarch. Which makes sense that Duchesse De Bourgogne, a West Flanders sour our of Belgium, rules over almost all other sours. The celebrate her years of bringing tears of joy to your taste buds, for the first time ever, we have received Duchesse Cherry. This is a blend of one and two year old Duchesse and aged with local whole cherries in oak casks out of the Limburg region. If you’ve ever had the faintest interest in sours, you need to try this beer.


I need you to close your eyes and visualize Nashville as a giant cereal bowl in our state. But instead of it being filled Special K or Oatmeal or bone broth, it’s filled with every species of pollen and animal dander known to man. Yes, our city is nothing but an incubation bowl for your allergies. Honey is known to contain pollen and it’s thought that the more you consume, the more your tolerance will build up to itchy eyes, dry throat and earth rumbling mouth breathing. Which is why, during this time of the year, it’s a great idea to ingest Lost Hive from Ghost River. Based out of Memphis, this blonde contains a large amount of TN honey, as well as some orange peel to give this beer flavorful depth. A much better choice than eating Zyrtec like Pez.

Kentucky Ale has gotten in touch with their inner serial shaking, mustache growing mixologist and brewed a specialty Kentucky Mule. Based off every one’s favorite ginger beer cocktail, the Moscow Donkey, this wheat ale is brewed with ginger and limes and aged in bourbon barrels, finishing at 8.2%. It’s like a great cocktail except you don’t have to pay $18 for an ounce and presentation. 

Don’t say this in front of your mother, but we’ve received  Stone’s Farking Wheaton Woot Stout 6.0. This mammoth NON IPA beer is a 13.2% imperial stout aged with pecans, wheat and oats in bourbon barrels. The pure flavor and strength of this beer is enough to give Jason Statham a ponytail.

Also, if you want to try one of the best domestic sours/farmhouse ales, we’ve taken a huge price reduction on Jester King out of Texas. We have beers ranging from a hoppy farmhouse, flanders red, lemon and lime barrel aged saison to a smoked alt and a mesquite bean Belgian wheat.

Other beers to check out include Sierra Nevada Summerfest, Ayinger Kirtabier and Maibock, Oskar Blues Fugli IPA, Garr’s Citrus Pepper and Mother Earth Call Me Ginger.