Monday Beer Notes - July 23


If you go towards East Nashville, get on Gallatin and keep going for about 4700 miles, you may end up in a tiny Bavarian village at the foot of the alps that happens to house one of the best breweries in the universe: Ayinger. If you don’t have enough gas or cell phone charge to make it there then you can experience one of their special brews from the comfort of your barstool with Ayinger Maibock. This highly limited keg is lagered for numerous months, has a huge malt aroma and a dry, spiced flavor thanks to an abundance of Hallertauer hops. Pairs great with sausage, a Marius Müller-Westernhagen Spotify playlist and overall thirst. Also, if you’re in the mood for something a touch darker (think amber), less dry and bursting with a champagne effervescence, don’t forget about Ayinger Unfiltered Kirtabier

Remember ages ago when, if you ordered a sour at a bar, they’d black list you, scorn you and make you a social pariah? Or if customers tried a sour beer they’d immediately ask for a manager and threaten a two-star YELP review? Now it’s impossible to walk into an establishment and not find a whole Crayola box of sour flavors. Evolving creatures, we are. If you’re looking for some unique sours right now, look into Collective Brewing (not to be confused with Collective Arts) Blueberry Lime Gose and Petite Golden Sour. Jester King Serrata (sour farmhouse with Japanese Red Shiso) and Provenance (saison barrel aged with rinds of lemon and lime). Rogue Combat Wombat (sour hazy ipa with grapefruit and blood orange) and Victory Limey Gose and Kirsch Gose.

With tens of thousands of new breweries hatching a day, it’s important that you learn how to defend yourself from those trying to inhabit your mouth with false promises of quality and riches. For those wanting to learn how to properly battle this, the teachings from the masters of Monday Night Brewing have brought the magical scroll known as Fu Manbrew. This wheat beer uses Belgian yeast with German hops and a touch of ginger, finishing at 5.2%.

Or if you’re already a fully trained ninja of taste and want something a little more traditional with no connotations to unique facial hair, check out Hi Wire Uprising Hefeweizen. Using North Carolina grown malt from Riverbend Malt House with hints of subtle banana and clove, this is an honorable take on a German classic.

Also, check out Blue Pants Hazy Katie Pale, Mother Earth Bookoo IPA (one of our best, under the radar ipa’s), Cigar City White Oak Jai Alai, Southern Prohibition Lemon Ice Box Gose, Trinity Hype Forager and Sam Smith Nut Brown Ale.